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San Jose Egyptian Labyrinth Construction Close to Completion

Posted by on January 27, 2015 in News | 0 comments

The Egyptian Museum and Rosicrucian Park is constructing a large labyrinth. The new labyrinth will be built where two administrative buildings stood. Blach Construction is leading the efforts with a grand design by Prodis Associates Architects and Dillingham Associates.

This beautiful piece of machine weighs close to 55 tons or over 110,000 pounds. During demolition of the two buildings, this machine was key to excavation and concrete removal.


There are seven 48″ box Quercus agrifolia. These were trucked in and weigh close to 1,300 pounds each . It took four crew members to just tilt them straight for moving them off the truck.




The boulders are placed and the lines are starting to be marked. The next week will be laying out our paths and setting the center stone work.